Our CEO Mikko is a third generation tanner.

Amanda, tanneri dog Uuno, Ilkka, Mikko, Jugi & Pepe.

The company Ahlskog was established in Finland during the 1920s by Hugo Ahlskog

During the years professional and enthusiastic people at Ahlskog Tannery have developed a luxurious and exclusive product from Scandinavian reindeer hides. Finnish reindeer leather is used for unique and timeless design.

We provide nappa- and suede leather to big fashion brands and to private entrepreneurs. Our main market area is Europe. Half of Ahlskog’s products are exported.

Our strengths are reliable delivery and our product. As our brand stands for quality, we do not have to sell quality separately. We are also very flexible when it comes to order delivery.

In the photo CEO Mikko is accepting the PV Awards Handle Prize at the Premiére Vision fair in Paris in September 2017. The occasion was a big acknowledgement for us and our product. A jury of 13 influential international fashion figures awarded prizes to the most impressive developments. The jury commented our product as follows. ”The leather combining the most amazing tactile and behavioral qualities, the leather that touches the emotions”.

Tanning leather is a traditional handicraft which includes about 40 demanding work stages.
Ahlskog was one of the first tanneries in the world to claim certificate for its environmentally friendly production. For example we use the minimum amount of water in the production/during the work stages.