The Process

Making leather is a complex process. Tanning leather is a traditional handicraft which includes about 40 demanding work stages. Ahlskog Tannery is a nearly 100-year-old, traditional leather factory, where the process starts from raw hides.  First step in the process is soaking. After that,  during liming process, the hair is removed. After liming the skins will go through fleshing before the two-day-long tanning process. 

Pressing–excess water is eliminated and the hide is stretched.

The entire surface of the hide acquires a uniform thickness.

Ensuring that the finished product has regular edges.

The key point in the process is coloring- lending the hide softness, color and stability.

Conditioning the leather by suspending it from an overhead conveyor at ambient temperature.

Stretching the skins is an important work stage.  

Finishing – the skin undergoes different treatments to give it the desired shine, color and appearance. Here making Waxy Pull-Up Finish to give special effect as an antique look.

Measuring with precision electronic equipment, packaging and shipping to the customer.

Mikko is a third generation tanner.