Ahlskog Tannery specializes in tanning reindeer hides

This raw material of limited availability is truly something luxurious from Finnish nature. Reindeer meat is the most important source of income for reindeer herders in Scandinavia.

Reindeer hides are a by-product that provide exclusive material for unique leather products. Reindeer leather is particularly suitable for producing garments, accessories and other goods. The touch is silky and the size of the skins allows beautiful designs with very few seams and unlined garments.

In our selection we also have Finnish White-Tailed deer.

We value our clients. Through the stock-sales we are also able to deliver small amounts of leather with a short delivery-time. 

REINDEER NAPPA SAANA – Our best seller –with a silky and smooth surface

REINDEER SUEDE – Peach soft, velvety surface

REINDEER PRINTS – Shiny metallic, powder metallic/powder colors and animal prints

WHITE-TAILED DEER – Soft as butter, distinguishable grain

With Finnish White-Tailed deer there are more options regarding size and thickness. For example the average size of a skin that has the qualities suitable for gloves starts from 5 Sqf and for other use from we have skins of sizes up to 15 Sqf. 

Colors in stock: Black and Cognac. A limited number of other colors that vary. All other colors available by order.

Please ask the customer service for more details.