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Luxury Products From Nature

Ahlskog Tannery specializes in tanning reindeer hides. This raw material of limited availability is truly something luxurious from Finnish nature. Reindeer hides are a by-product that provide exclusive material for unique leather products. Reindeer leather is particularly suitable for producing garments, accessories and other goods. The touch is silky and the size of the skins allows beautiful designs with very few seams and unlined garments.In our selection we also have Finnish White-Tailed deer.

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Nearly 100 Year Old Quality Process

The company Ahlskog was established in Finland during 1920’s by Mr Hugo Ahlskog, visionary and entrepreneur. Hugo’s son Mats Ahlskog continued his father’s work. He put a great effort in developing the company and production. Ahlskog was one of the first tanneries in the world to claim certificate for its environmentally friendly act.

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Behind the scenes at Ahlskog Tannery for Bonne Gueule